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Horticultural glue to avoid climbing insects

greentac_bote copia

GREENTAC creates a sticky barrier, preventing the rise of harmful insects to the upper parts of the tree: ants, mealybugs, earwigs, caterpillars or other climbing insects.

Up to 24 weeks of effectiveness, or when the surface is covered with dust and insects. Waterproof.


In sensitive fruit trees (very young trees), direct application to the trunk can cause necrosis in the bark. To avoid this, cover the desired log area with waterproof paper and apply GREENTAC to the paper.

Protection for birds: avoid the application of the product on horizontal branches so as not to catch insectivorous birds.

COMPOSITION: Polybutene (CAS No 90003-29-6)

  • Easy and quick application with spatula.
  • Compact and resistant to climatic conditions: it does not break off or drip, forming a lasting barrier against the rise of harmful insects.