Clips designed to provide support and fix of the graft to the stem of the plant

Made of EP and silicone of excellent quality, its flexibility and adaptation to the plant achieve the firm coupling which provides successful graft development. Due to its transparency, this clip
allows the perfect vision of the grafted location.
We offer a wide range of sizes in order to adapt it to all possible stem diameters.
Available in all diameters, from 1,2 to 3 mm
Special material for the accurate clip’s attachment, non-slip and resistant to high temperature
Smooth surface to avoid plant’s damages and allows easy and comfortable grip
Posibility of manufacturing in various colours for the distinction among varieties and the clip size’s

Tomato clips

Plastic clip ring, devised for fastening the thread to the plant, in order to maintain the plant upright, avoiding the touch of leaves and fruits with the ground.
Its design allows an appropriate development without causing neither hanging nor movements during the growth of the plants. Available in various diameters to suit every need.
Optimized design which reduces transport and storage coasts
Sturdy hinge with extra grip
Secure closure: the “click” confirms that the ring is closed during installation
Thanks to its large vents, facilitates the air circulation, avoiding, diseases as botrytis

Nursery Covers

Greenvass nursery covers offer a design that supports use in planting machines.
Comes in various models and colors. Made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Reduces breakage and increases the durability of seed trays
Reduces tray desinfection costs
Reduces losses and misplacements, by getting the farmer to transport the cover to the field and leave the tray in the seedbed
Lower probability of virus transmission between campaigns
Posibility of manufacturing in various colors for the distinction among varieties


In the tomato farming, the hooks and hangers are used for both growth guidance of tomato and the descent of the plant, once it had reached the required height.
In this manner, the tomato plant always develops upwards, receiving the maximum amount of light, thereby causing an enhancement the fruits quality and a productivity increase.
Enhance the plant’s aeration and avoids the touch of the fruits with the ground, increasing the final production and facilitate control of diseases
Materials adjusted to environmental conditions, resistant to high temperature and to the sunlight impact
Favours the seizing of the radiation and facilitate the implementing of the cultural labours
Allows the absolute control of the plant’s declining, forming a flexible and safe guide of its growth