maceta hidro

Pots for berries/cannabis

Polypropylene pots for berries and cannabis in sizes from 7 to 40 L.
Pots for hydroponic systems permit to increase the density of plants per hectares and to optimize the farming space, taking full advantage of the available surface, by means of putting them together without any gap left.
In addition, the hydroponic system allows a high productivity in inappropriate soil and water conditions and a greater control over the cultivation by means of the soil’s personalization. In case of berries cultivation, this system provides a clean and easier recollection,
thereby remaining the fruit separated from the ground.
Can be manufactured in compostable material upon request.
Long legs that prevent proximity between root and soil, reduce contact with pathogens and improve drainage and root health
Excellent drainage that allows oxygen absorption and prevents anaerobic conditions
UV treated material for strength and durability
Optimized design which reduces transport and storage costs